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Natual Skin Care for Your Horse

Skin Solution™ aids in the repair and renewal of horse skin problems, horse skin disease and horse skin conditions. Including the rapid re growth of hair. It is an excellent natural remedy for horse skin health!


All natural treatment remedy for horses skin problems, horse skin conditions such as scratches, girth itch, ringworm, minor wounds, abrasions and dry, itchy, flaky horse skin conditions. Remedy for wounded skin and fungus, scratches infection. Rapid recovery for damaged skin, helps hair grow back fast. Nature’s best remedy for horse skin health.

“One of my horses had a bad case of girth itch. I tried another remedy that blistered his side real bad. The horses like Skin Solution – it doesn’t bother them and is easy to put on. After about a month he was almost completely healed up. (pictured above) It made the skin smooth and immediately the hair started coming back. I’m thinking of putting it on my own head!”
Wilson Brown, Thoroughbred Racing Trainer

Skin Solution™ all natural plant based oil was developed by a horse enthusiast with a lifetime of experience in health, nutrition and all-natural healing. It is a good remedy for scratches, girth itch, ringworm, minor cuts, wounds and other horse skin problems, horse skin disease and horse skin conditions. It enables the body to do what it’s naturally created to do… heal itself. For horse skin health there is no better natural product than Skin Solution™.

We searched the world looking for the best anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-parasitic plant based oils we could find. Then we sought out the finest natural oils containing a unique balance of omega 3, 6 & 9, and rich in natural antioxidants for horse skin health. This combination is a great remedy for most horse skin problems, diseases and conditions. This natural blend creates the perfect balance for horse skin health.

Additionally, this exceptional blend of oils is unsurpassed in alpha and gamma tocopherols (vitamin E) and high in oleic and linoleic acids making it a great natural skin cell regenerator. This helps with horse skin health, disease, skin problems and conditions.

This unique combination penetrates, moisturizes and protects the health of the skin with the best of the best that nature has to offer. Moreover, Skin Solution™ provides optimal safe rapid relief from itchy, scaly, wounded, damaged or irritating skin conditions and problems.

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“My horse hit himself in a race. The cut was about a half inch wide and about 1 inch deep. The cut was real bad and got infected. We used the Skin Solution and after 2 or 3 days the infection was gone and it started healing really well. After 10 days it looks incredible! We tried other things that worked OK but not as well as the Skin Solution. I’m a believer now!”
James Cook, Thoroughbred Racing Trainer

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